Hi, I’m Christian.

Acclaimed music producer, songwriter, content creator, and coach. I empower music makers and creatives to elevate their craft and unlock their maximum potential.

About Me

Through years of success in the music industry, I’ve discovered that I also have a deep passion for empowering others. So in 2024, I launched my YouTube channel and coaching services, driven to provide the invaluable resources I wished I had when starting my own career, all with the ultimate goal of seeing your success flourish.

My Work

From collaborations with top artists to numerous tv and film placements, my music has amassed hundreds of millions of streams and has been licensed by many of the world’s leading brands and networks.

“Lemme tell you, secret sauce is real and Christian has it. It’s almost inexplicable what he is able to do as a producer. I have never heard my vocals sound better in my life or felt as seen as an artist in the room as I do with Christian. He is on another level from the rest!!!!!”

Lauren Weintraub – Artist & Songwriter

“There are a lot of great producers in Nashville, but few with this genuine of a spirit and a willingness to serve. Christian’s production is stunning and yet his ability to connect with and serve artists is the real gift. I feel honored to have worked with him on my music, including Fragile – which is one of my favorite songs to date!”

Natalie Layne – Artist & Songwriter

“As a songwriter and artist, I get a strong vision in my mind of what a song should sound like and Christian is that guy that most of the time surprises me and makes it sound better than I envisioned. He’s just got great instinct and vision. Christian is a joy to work with and be around.”

Bryan Olesen – Vota & The Voice

“For me, the perfect producer is someone who is over the top creative on their own and a joy to collaborate and write with. I am a huge fan of Christian Hale as he exemplifies this.”

Tim Timmons – Artist & Songwriter

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christian, and I can’t recommend him enough! His talent and skills are off the charts, and every track he’s produced for me has exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for my music needs – he’s the real deal!”

Coby James – Artist & Songwriter

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with Christian. He is very attentive and accommodating to whatever is needed. Christian’s work is excellent.”

Korey Cooper – Skillet
“Christian Doesn’t Suck.”

Eddie Anthony – The Score

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