Unlock your full creative potential with personalized one-on-one coaching

Throughout my decade as an entrepreneur and creative in the music industry, I’ve always had a passion to share my experiences and see others succeed. I’m now bringing this to you to help guide you on your journey to success. I’m offering exclusive one-on-one coaching spots for creatives, freelancers, and music makers like you, helping you take a deep dive into your business, identify growth opportunities, and chart a course to the next level of your career. Let’s turn your dreams into reality together.

How I Can Help You

Boost your productivity
& creativity

Break into the music

Elevate the quality of
your music

Create & grow your
passive income

Begin & maximize your
freelance career

Start a Youtube channel

We’ll be a great fit if:

You’re serious about wanting to grow from where you are now to where you hope to be

You’re willing to receive kind, but honest feedback from a professional with the skills and experience you can trust

You hate the status quo and refuse to accept that your current circumstances have to be your reality forever

We’ll be a poor fit if:

You’re set in doing things the same way you’ve always done them

You’re unwilling to think outside the box of “what everyone else does” or what’s familiar to you
You refuse to put in the work to implement the strategies that will help you get to the next level

Frequently Asked Questions

Are coaching sessions in person or online?

All coaching sessions are done online over zoom. You can be anywhere in the world to book a one-on-one coaching session.

How many sessions should I book?

You can book one coaching session at a time, however most people find that it’s helpful to book at least a couple of sessions.

How long are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions range from 60-90 minutes depending on your needs. Reach out for more info on which is the best fit for you.

What’s the cost of a coaching session?

I have a few different pricing structures available for coaching, so please reach out for pricing information. 

How is this different than song feedback?

While my song feedback can be extremely helpful, one-on-one coaching session are far more comprehensive, in depth, and allow for a back and forth dialogue that doesn’t exist in song feedback. Furthermore, song feedback is specific to music-makers, while one-on-one coaching can encompass a variety of topics far beyond songwriting and production. 

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for any creative, music-maker, or freelancer wanting to get to their own next level. With my songwriting and production background, many coaching sessions are music specific, where I’ll share all sorts of hands on tips and techniques to help with your music journey. However, many coaching sessions aren’t even with music-makers, and in these we’ll talk goals, business, strategy, freelancing, creativity, and productivity.

“Christian’s mind is that extremely rare cocktail of right-brained creative innovation and left-brained organizational wisdom. This combo gives him a unique ability to speak the dialects of pretty much any creative person, no matter what their personality or perspective.”

Ross King – Songwriter & Artist

“Christian is not just an exceptional music producer, he’s also an amazing teacher. He’s been incredibly helpful in taking my music to the next level, and his guidance has been invaluable. If you’re looking to improve your music production skills, Christian is the go to guy! You won’t be disappointed.”

Coby James – Artist & Coaching Client
“Christian is one of the most talented songwriters and music producers that I have worked with. I came to him with a song idea and he transformed it into a tight, kinetic pop production, teaching me everything along the way. Very excited to continue working with him in the future!”

Ezra Cohen – Coaching Client

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