Song Feedback

Get Expert Feedback On Your Songs

Are you a budding songwriter / producer or a seasoned musician looking to take your music to the next level? I want to help you accomplish this goal, and I’m here to offer you the valuable feedback you need to fine-tune your songs and productions. As a professional music producer and songwriter, I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand the importance of constructive feedback on the journey to musical success.

Why Feedback Matters

Music is an art form that thrives on creativity and self-expression. But sometimes, we all need an extra set of ears and a professional perspective to bring out the full potential of our music. That’s where my song feedback service comes in. I want to give you the specific tips needed to get your song up to the professional “Nashville-standard” that top industry pros are aiming for every day.

What I Offer

All feedback is completely tailored to your unique needs and song. I will deliver a personalized video to you that includes:

In-Depth Analysis

My feedback isn’t just a few words or a thumbs-up; it’s a comprehensive analysis of your song from a songwriting and production standpoint.

Constructive Critique

I’ll provide specific, actionable suggestions to help you improve your music, whether it’s about song structure, lyrics, melody, arrangement, production, or mix.

Experienced Ears

With years of experience in the industry, I have a trained ear for spotting what’s working and what could use some enhancement in your songs.


While I believe in honest feedback, I will also focus on what you’re doing well to boost your confidence and motivation.

Creative Ideas

Need some fresh ideas or inspiration? I can help spark your creativity with innovative suggestions.

Ready to take your music to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my song feedback be delivered?

I will email you a personalized video giving you my feedback on your song.

What's the cost for song feedback?

Song feedback is currently priced at $89 per song. Payment is due up front upon completion of the form below. Song feedback is currently the lowest cost service or product I offer, and I believe you will see a ROI in the quality your music from this minimal investment.

What information do you need from me for song feedback?

In short, everything the form on this page asks for. This will give me all the intel I need to provide you with the most helpful feedback possible.

What’s the standard turnaround time?

I will provide feedback as fast as possible while still taking the time to listen and give you thoughtful notes. Standard turnaround time is within 7 days of ordering.

How is this different than coaching?

Song feedback was created to give music makers advice to quickly level up their music. One-on-one coaching session are more comprehensive, in depth, and allow for a back and forth dialogue that doesn’t exist in song feedback. 

Both products can be extremely helpful, but have different levels of detail, back and forth, and cost.

Will you take a percentage of my song for providing ideas?

Never. I will never ask for or assume any ownership rights as a result of providing you with feedback.

“Christian is not just an exceptional music producer, he’s also an amazing teacher. He’s been incredibly helpful in taking my music to the next level, and his guidance has been invaluable. If you’re looking to improve your music production skills, Christian is the go to guy! You won’t be disappointed.”

Coby James – Artist & Songwriter
“Christian rocks! He has provided mix feedback and production advice for me on multiple occasions. His advice was always spot-on and helped move my mixes/productions to the next level. Christian is super easy to work with and just an all-round good guy! Can’t recommend him enough!”

David Jarnigan – Song Feedback Client
“What I especially appreciate about him, is you’re getting a humble communicator and someone who really listens carefully to what you’re looking to accomplish and give you the right solutions to get there. I could not recommend him more as someone to come alongside you and get you where you’re trying to go.”

Rich Fyhr – Song Feedback Client
“Chrisitian is an amazing producer / mixer who really knows the ins and outs of making a song come alive. More importantly from working with him I was able to get actionable, tactical advice on my tracks and songs that were easy to follow and improved the end result. I feel a lot of engineers can struggle with sharing complex knowledge in a simple way but Christian is not one of them – highly recommended!”

Hunter Masters – Song Feedback Client

Get Song Feedback

Please complete the form below to get your song feedback. Following the completion of this form, I will send you a video containing your feedback after I’ve had a chance to listen to the song.