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Are you looking to take your vocal production and vocal mix quality to the next level? I’m now offering you my exact vocal template and vocal chain, available in Protools, Logic Pro, Studio One, Ableton, and Cubase (See FAQ’s for exact compatability)This template is what I use day in and day out writing, producing, and mixing songs in Nashville, and it’s now yours to have. It gives you all of my presets, routing, and plugin settings for lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, and vocal effects – literally everything you need to get your vocals sounding good FAST. I’ve invested over a decade building and refining this template, and it’s been used across hundreds of millions of streams, multiple viral social media songs, and tv/ film placements from the worlds leading brands and networks.

What You Get

My vocal chain gives you everything you need to mix top quality vocals, and includes:


This template is extraordinary versatile. I use it with great success on a wide variety of styles and genres, with both male and female signers.

Proven Success

With hundreds of millions of streams and viral social media hits, this vocal chain has shown time and again that it works at the highest caliber.

Maximum Efficiency

With my vocal chain, you don’t have to pick between quality and speed. You can have both. Get high quality and versatile vocal sounds quickly. 

Time-Tested Results

I’ve spent over a decade crafting and working at honing in this template and vocal chain. It’s all yours to have today.

Fresh Inspiration

Need a fresh take on how your vocals can sound? My vocal chain will help spark your creativy and push your mix to new levels.

Ready to take your vocals to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which DAW's is this compatible with?

My vocal chain is available for Protools, Logic Pro, Ableton, Studio One, and Cubase! You will receive access to templates in every DAW with all of my plugin settings and routing upon the time of your purchase. My vocal chain was made in the following versions / plugin formats with each DAW. Please insure the following are compatible with your setup prior to purchasing:

  • Protools:, AAX plugin format
  • Logic Pro: 10.7.5, AU plugin format
  • Ableton Live: 11.3.13, VST3 plugin format.
  • Cubase: 13, VST3 plugin format
  • Studio One: 6, AU plugin format. I did not have all VST 3’s available when making this in studio one, so at this time all plugins will only work fully on Mac.

What plugins do I need to use this?

For a comprehensive overview of all plugins needed, watch my vocal mixing video on my youtube channel. The brands of plugins that I use primarily in this chain include: Fab Filter (Pro Q3, Pro Q2 Pro Desser, pro L2), UAD (LA2a, Pure Plate), Waves (various plugins), Izotope (neurtron) Acustica (Ruby, El Rey), Soundtoys (A large variety), TRacks (multiband limiter), JST (Clip), Slate (Verbsuite Classics), Valhalla (Vintage Verb), Anteres (autotune, but any tuner will work).

Again, you can get great results by substituting your own plugins and blending this template with your preexisting workflow.

What is included in the template?

You will receive each of the DAW sessions that include all of my routing and plugin settings for mixing for lead vocals, background vocals, gang vocals, reverbs, delays, vocal effects, and throws.

Additionally, you will receive the audio files I demonstrated this template with in my vocal production series on my youtube channel.

Do I need all of your plugins to use this?

While owning every single plugin in my vocal template will certainly be helpful and get you the most optimal results, many people have used this template with great success without owning every plugin.

Whether you own every plugin or not, you will be getting access to my routing and workflow in this template. So if you’re missing a few plugins, you can easily replace this with something comparable that you own.

“Lemme tell you, secret sauce is real and Christian has it. It’s almost inexplicable what he is able to do as a producer. I have never heard my vocals sound better in my life or felt as seen as an artist in the room as I do with Christian. He is on another level from the rest!!!!!”

Lauren Weintraub – Artist & Songwriter

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